Blue/Yellow Dunk Tank

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-Back Drop
-Vinyl Foam padded seat
-Vinyl tank liner w/clear window
-Standard and Custom color choices
-Built-in Ladder
-Tank size is 4ft. square wide & deep
-Backdrop is 4ft. wide & 8ft. tall
-Metal cage is 4ft. square & 8ft. tall
-Stores flat against a wall at 4ft. wide & 2ft, deep.
Can carry up to 3 dunk tanks in a large pickup, very compact

All of the standard dunk tank options plus built in wheel package.
Carry bag for dunk tank liner and backdrop and balls.
When folded together, it transports as one unit.
Available only in blue and red models. Easily rolls into any truck bed or trailer. 
All of the standard dunk tank options, plus built-in wheel package.
Carry bag for dunk tank liner and backdrop and balls. Plus the unit is all one piece that folds out with hinges.

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